Henrik Mårtensson

The Basics + An introduction to Hadouken photography

Price: SEK 495:-
Duration: 4 hours
Minimum no. of participants: 6 people

You will learn the basics:

Shutter time, aperture, ISO, and white balance

Basic rules of composition

Transferring images to your computer

On top of that, you will learn Hadouken, the fastest growing photo craze in the world. The Hadouken craze was started by school kids in Japan. It is very easy to do, and can be done with any camera.

You can get your photos printed on t-shirts, mugs, and other items, for you and your friends to wear or use.

Contact Henrik directly for more information:

+46 708 56 23 65



Hadouken photography simulates the effect of the Hadouken energy (Ki) attack in games such as Streetfighter.

The effect is done entirely in camera. You can even do it in a camera phone.