Henrik Mårtensson peekaboo

Trick photography

Want to show the mystery and magic in your life? Fly over the city, play hide and seek using forrest magic, transform into weird or wonderful creatures, and appear in many places at once.

Hakan Forss


Want something different from the usual studio style portrait? You can have portraits from soft light to cobalt blue, at your place of work, at home, outdoors, in whatever setting brings out your personality the best.


Product photo

Need to show off your stuff? Capture the imagination of your customers? Call if you need something extraordinary.


Buildings & Homes

Selling a house or attracting new tenants? A great picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Print services

Get your pictures on file, or printed on paper, business cards, T-shirts, mugs, phone and tablet shells, and hundreds of other items.

Order a single, unique item for you and your family, or thousands for your advertising campaign.

Need a book? Call and ask about authoring and layout services.