Henrik Mårtensson CF039779Version4

Every picture has a story behind it:

The couple that soars in the air to celebrate fifteen years together; The zombie girl, who works at a zombie book publishing company; the miniatures that are the work of gamestore employees who love their work; the blue eyed woman with flecks in her wonderful eyes (but the story is hers, so I won't tell you); the screaming systems thinker, frustrated by his inability to convey vital information to people whose life and well being depend on it.

So many stories. Some said, some happy, some downright weird.

I have always been a story teller. I got my first camera at the age of five. In school, I wrote plays. Later, I wrote roleplaying scenarios for my friends, and published them in AotA, a roleplaying Amateur Press Association.

Later still, I became a business advisor and started writing management books. It's a strange genre, kind of like horror fiction, but with true stories.

I started a photography business for many reasons:

A fun photo makes people happy; it keeps my creative juices flowing; I can test my business advice on my own business; I get to do fun stuff, taking photographs of course, but also making presentations, designing things, holding courses, and writing photography books.

Photo by Herminia Dosal